Scope of Service

Discover the offerings Think Venky Studio brings to your business and learn about the expectations when you’re an active customer.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 10AM to 7PM IST

Our Transparency

Our main goal is to provide a wide range of services to our clients and consolidate their design needs to one honest, transparent and efficient company. Our professional graphic and motion graphic designers work seamlessly with our support team to provide as many services as we possibly can.

We provide questionnaires to help clients sort out their ideas in a clear format, so we can get the creatives made. However, in some cases there may be projects we are unable to do. This can be caused by the scope of work needed, amount of time involved or the fact that we are a design service and not a content creation agency.

On this page you can find a list of work we can most definitely complete and some that we can not. If you’re ever unsure whether we can offer something or not, just let us know, and we can confirm right away.

How We Work ?

To ensure consistent volume and precise turnaround times, we’ve implemented a unique scheduling and workload system. This provides a predictable turnaround process for better planning on both ends.

We manage this by allowing a designated number of “Active Requests” per subscription, meaning we work on a set number of requests concurrently based on your subscription.

For instance, 1 subscription may have one active request, Higher or 2 subscriptions allow two active requests, and so forth. Expanding subscriptions enables you to handle more volume by adding additional designers to your account.

Each request is assigned an individual turnaround time, typically ranging from 1-5 business days, depending on the complexity of the work..

Active Requests

In Progress

Only “In Progress” requests are counted in the queue as “Active”. This means that once a design’s initial draft is sent for review, it is taken out of the queue and a new design is started.


Requests marked “Reviewing” are taken out of the active request list and stay in-active until the client provides feedback for changes or completion.


Revisions will be moved into open active request slots once comments are provided and changes are requested.

What to expect from us ?

  • Clear communication on every project’s status.
  • Timely follow-ups from designers when the project is initiated and when a draft is delivered.
  • Professional graphic designs completed within 1-3 business days*; video designs within 2-5 business days* (*turnaround times may vary based on the general complexity of the request, and can extend for larger, more complex tasks).
  • Unlimited revisions and variations to ensure satisfaction with the final product.
  • Usage of fully licensed stock images, footage, and audio when applicable.
  • Option to request and receive all source files with full ownership.
  • Access to support teams and leadership for assistance in any situation.

What we need from you ?

Similar to most relationships, success in ours relies on clear communication. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible in each request. The best and quickest results often come when clients provide easy-to-follow directions, along with links, images, and videos showcasing their vision – a major plus!

It’s important to note that we’re a team of living, breathing human beings striving for the highest quality designs. Art being subjective, we may not always align with certain expectations in the initial round. We appreciate respectful feedback to help us improve.

As our relationship develops, our designers will better understand your needs, allowing us to reach the finish line faster with each project.

Rest assured, we meticulously verify each element and stock photo used to ensure you have the proper licenses as the end-user. Keep in mind that if you provide unlicensed materials to Think Venky Studio, we are not liable for the rights associated with the final design.

Our Workflow


We offer a predefined set of questions designed to extract the best details from our clients. This is known as the design brief.


The team meticulously reviews the design brief to ensure clarity of objectives and the availability of necessary assets. Subsequently, due dates and designers are assigned.


We set a due date, assign a designer and the project gets started. You will communicate with your designer the whole way through.


After revision and approval, files are either uploaded to your project or added to your drive. We offer a variety of file types to meet your needs.

Further Information

The stated number of Active Requests will be the number of requests our team is working on at any one time. For example, if you have 2 Active Requests, our team will be working on 2 of the requests in your queue/list at one time.

These limits are based on each subscription. If you need more volume at one time, speak to a team member to learn about increasing your active requests.

Only “In Progress” & “Revising” requests are counted in the queue as “Active”. This means that once a design’s initial draft is sent for review, it is taken out of the queue and a new design is started.

Projects marked “Reviewing” are taken out of the active request list and will be considered “Revising” when the client provides feedback for changes or marks as “Complete”.

All specified turnaround times in each plan are approximations based on our most common projects.

None of these times are guaranteed for every project. They serve as estimated durations that our team uses as a benchmark and goal for typical design projects.

Actual turnaround times can vary based on several factors, including project complexity.

How Turnaround Times Are Determined: Turnaround times commence from the actual start date of a design, not the date the request is submitted.

Example: If a request is submitted with no other requests in the design queue, the turnaround date begins when the design is scheduled and assigned to a designer. If there are existing requests in the queue, the turnaround time starts only after the previous projects have been completed. The new request is then scheduled and assigned, initiating the turnaround time.

Specialty Designs: Certain projects may have longer turnaround times, exceeding the general 2-5 business days.

These projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Logo/Branding
  • UI/UX design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Custom Vector Design
  • Illustrations
  • Videos over 2 minutes
  • Projects with 4 or more final assets
  • Amazon Design Packages
  • Product Packaging 
  • Other projects subject to review

Subscription Term:

Our subscription plans operate on rolling 30-day agreements, granting you access to request new design projects, revisions, and communicate with designers throughout this period.


Upon subscribing, your account is automatically enrolled in a rolling 30-day agreement, renewing at the initial purchase rate every 30 days until modified or canceled.


Our monthly recurring plans don’t bind you to long-term contracts, allowing freedom to upgrade or downgrade your account anytime during your subscription. Upgrades are prorated, considering your initial plan payment and the remaining days in your current period. Downgrades don’t involve prorated or partial refunds; access to your initial subscription level continues until renewal at the downgraded cost.

Account Access After Cancellation:

Clients retain access to their accounts for 7 days after the paid period concludes. After this period, the account is archived, and any unfinished projects are closed. New projects won’t initiate after the paid period ends, but revision requests are accepted within the 7-day post-period. Customers maintain unlimited access to the Google Drive created upon joining the service.

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